Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clammy Cross 2012 Schedule

This year's schedule is set!

Tues October 30:
Devil's Night Race.
Come race under the lights at Art Dye Park.  Hot wing handups, glow sticks, haunted forest course.
maniacal laugh..Maniacal Laugh...MANIACAL LAUGH!!!!
First flight at 7pm

Friday November 23:
Black Friday Race.
Barrier Jumping Contest/ Pie Derby.
First flight at 9am

Saturday December 8:
Clammy Cross presents the UTCX FINALE RACE
Come race the Art Dye course you know and love with all your nemeses from the UTCX series.

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  1. Did you guys post the results anywhere? I need to send them to my health insurance company and I get discounts on my premiums! :) Thanks!

    Jason Hawks